Year 1

Respect & Revere

In Year 1 the children learn to respect and revere the bush. They are encouraged to use their senses of touch, sight, smell and hearing to explore and question the world of nature around them. To see and notice the beauty of the bush by exploring the different colour greens, the different leaves: their sizes, shapes, colours and textures, what falls on the ground and what they notice in the sky and treetops. Learning to view the world from different perspectives and valuing what role each part plays in creating the natural landscape that surrounds them.

The curriculum is integrated into nature learning which inspires awe and wonder for the world and environment that the children learn in.. It allows the children to express their feelings and connect to the world around them with love, understanding and care.

The Year 1’s also have a special day, immerse themselves in various nature-based activities, taking place in the bush, as an introduction and transition into the Year 2 bush school program.


Year 1

Mapping the trail.

August 30, 2019 1:32 pm

This term has seen the Yr 1 class out and about on the Nyindamurra Nature Trail learning about mapping with... View Article